Apostle Dr. Dee Dee Swindell is compassionate about helping God's people grow and develop in their faith in God through the revelation of God's Word.  The revelation that God has given her has helped thousands.  She has over 27 years of full time ministry experience,  working in the Kingdom of God. 

In 1988 she co-founded "Save the Seed" Ministry.  A 24-hour 7 days a week, in-house drug deliverance ministry which helped thousands of men and women get delivered from all types of addictions and illicit lifestyles.  She was the Co-Director for 20 years.

Her calling allowed her to be on national television for 10 years on the Word Network preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions.   

In June 2008 she founded "Eyes of Faith" Ministries, a Women's Outreach Ministry, a ministry which empowered women to grow in their faith in God. In November  of 2008 she founded and was the Senior Pastor of "Eyes of Faith" Ministries, A Church on the Move, Int'l, located in Waldorf, Maryland. 

On October 9, 2010 Dr. Dee Dee was awarded the prestigious Black Essence Award: "A Women Who is Purpose Driven in Ministry."  

In December of 2010, she was sent to the Nations as she ministered the Word of God for 8 days in Nairobi, Kenya Africa, to church leaders and in villages. 

In January of 2011, she became the Dean of Bible Faith Global College and Seminary - School of the Prophets, a fully accredited satellite campus, located in Waldorf, Maryland.  22 students graduated from the Maryland campus as she, herself earned her Doctorate of Theology Degree.

While attending Bible Faith Global College and Seminary Leadership Conference, Smithfield, NC, on April 26-28, 2012, Dr. Dee Dee received her next level impartation mandate into the Apostolic/Prophetic  Ministry, from Apostle Sylvester Trotter, Mobile, Alabama. She was also commissioned into the Office of Apostle by Apostle Alfred Kornegay, President and Founder of Bible Faith Global College and Seminary.

In August 2013 she renamed her church "Eyes of Faith" Ministries, An Apostolic Church Int'l and founded Apostolic Training Bible School (ATBS); a two-year Certificate Program where students could also earn credits towards a college/seminary degree from Bible Faith Global College and Seminary.  ATBS provided spiritual training and continuing education opportunities for the Five-fold Ministry Gifts, Christian Leaders, and Christian Workers in the Body of Christ. where she and her husband, Apostle Dr. Sean A. Swindell, facilitated Apostolic training. The focus was placed upon leadership development, spiritual maturity and on advancing the Kingdom of God!

Apostle Dr. Dee Dee is a writer and an author. Her first book, "Journey of Faith" - The Early Years was released in August 2015 This book is based upon her first 12 years of full time ministry, during which time "Save the Seed" Ministry was birthed.  "Journey of Faith" is filled with important wisdom keys and spiritual principles that Apostle Dr. Dee Dee has picked up along the way.  It is truly a valuable spiritual resource.  Order Your Copy Today!

In July 2015 Apostles Dr. Sean and Dr. Dee Dee Swindell became Chancellors and Professors of Bible Faith Global College and Seminary. www.biblefaithglobal.org.  They also founded "Kingdom Empowerment" Apostolic Training Center, which is a teaching ministry focused on the development of the Five-Fold Ministry Leadership Gifts and Christian workers.

Apostles Dr. Sean and Dr. Dee Dee are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through Apostolic Ministry, pursuant to the fulfillment of the Great Commission! 




"Journey of Faith"

by  Dr. Dee Dee Swindell

This book will captivate you! You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel the emotion! It’s a book about having faith in God - the birth and building of “Save the Seed” Ministry, a 24-hour in-house deliverance ministry; from housing 54 people in a 5-bedroom home, to housing 200 in a state-of-the-art facility. This book is filled with important wisdom keys and spiritual principles that I have learned along the way! It contains wonderful memorable pictures from that era as well!

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