Apostle Dr. Dee Dee Swindell is compassionate about helping God's people grow and develop in their faith in God through the revelation of God's Word.  The revelation that God has given her has helped thousands.  She has over 27 years experience in working in the Kingdom of God. 

In 1988 she co-founded a drug deliverance ministry called "Save the Seed" Ministry.  A 24-hour 7 days a week in-house drug deliverance ministry helping thousands of men and women get delivered from all types of illicit lifestyles.  She was co-director for 20 years.

In June 2008 she founded the "Eyes of Faith" Ministries, an outreach ministry thats touching the globe.  November 2008 - August 2012, she founded and was the Senior Pastor of "Eyes of Faith" Ministries, A Church on the Move, Int'l, located in Waldorf, Maryland.  In August 2013 she renamed her church to "Eyes of Faith" Ministries, An Apostolic Church Int'l; where she and her husband, Apostle Dr. Sean A. Swindell, are facilitating Apostolic training where the focus is placed upon leadership development, spiritual maturity and  on advancing the Kingdom of God!

Her calling has allowed her to be on national television for 10 years on the Word Network preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions.  The Lord has blessed her to build her own Television Studio which will be used to reach millions around the globe. 


October 9, 2010 Dr. Dee Dee was awarded as a top nominee for the prestigious Black Essence Award: "A Women Who is Purpose Driven in Ministry" at the Black Essence Awards Ceremony held at the Century Center in South Bend, Indiana.  She made Top 20 out of 150 nominees.  At the Awards Ceremony, she was awarded with her own 24 Hour Global Internet Gospel Radio Station:  "Eyes of Faith" Black Essence Radio, giving her a platform to reach the Nations around the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

December 4-14, 2010, her calling to the Nations unfolded as she ministered the Word of God in Nairobi, Kenya Africa, to church leaders and in villages. 

January 2011, she became the Dean of Bible Faith International Seminary - School of the Prophets, a Satellite full accredited college campus located in Waldorf, Maryland.  September 17, 2011, 22 men and women of God graduated from the Maryland campus in Theology.  Later she was promoted to one of the Chancellors.  She received her Doctorate of Theology.  

September 1, 2011, she opened up her 24/hr 7/days a week in -house deliverance women's ministry, "Eyes of Faith" National In-House Deliverance Women's  Ministry; helping women who have been on drugs, alcohol and has lived all types of illicit lifestyles.

While attending Bible Faith International Seminary Leadership Conference, Smithfield, NC, April 26-28, 2012, Dr. Dee Dee received her next level impartation mandate into the Apostolic Prophetic  Ministry, from Apostle Sylvester Trotter, Mobile, Alabama, as well as her being sent out into the Office of Apostle from Apostle Alfred Kornegay, President of Bible Faith International Seminary.

In September 2013  she founded "Apostolic Training Bible School" (ATBS).  A two-year Certificate Program which provide spiritual training and continuing education opportunities for the Five-fold Ministry Gifts, Christian Leaders, and Christian Workers in the Body of Christ. 

Both Apostles Sean and Dee Dee Swindell are Professors  of Bible Faith Global College and Seminary.  Apostle Dr. Dee Dee is Chancellor and Apostle Dr. Sean A. Swindell is Vice Chancellor of the school.  www.biblefaithglobal.org.

The Apostolic Anointing flows through both Apostles Dr. Sean A. and Dr. Dee Dee Swindell. 



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by  Dr. Dee Dee Swindell

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