"Journey of Faith" - The Early Years

 By:  Dr. Dee Dee Swindell

As soon as I received the book, .I completed it in one day. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. I am a product of the SaveThe Seed Ministry, from the dirt road and I thank God for my spiritual bootcamp experience. The book reveals the sacrifices made to help others. And that's why I am free today!! God used the leaders of that ministry and other mighty men and women of God as vessels of deliverance. I thank God for the revelation that I received, through the teaching of the Word of God that revealed I had a sin problem. Once I grasped that concept and grew spiritually as a result of the "all night bible studies" and rebukes in love, drugs no longer had a hold on me nor the other forms of bondage I was in. The book is a reminder to every believer the importance of laying down your life to help someone else; simply put....discipleship.

                                      --- Apostle Tonya Y. Mitchell,

                                     Nothing But the Truth Ministry

I’ve been waiting for the day when God would release Dr. Dee Dee Swindell to share her “Journey of Faith” in a book form. That day has arrived. Her new book “Journey of Faith” is far beyond what I could imagine. Dr. Dee Dee Swindell speaks with such respect for her past years in Ministry to her appreciation to where God is moving her now. She shares with us from cover to cover the low mountains and the high climbs it took to keep her faith alive. “Journey of Faith” is a directive road map for those of us who care to understand the steps of a good person is ordered by the Lord. Dr. Dee Dee Swindell is one of the today's most inspiring, motivated and  encouraging leaders of the Apostolic move of God. I have no doubt you will be changed by the testimonies and leadership guidance of hope and victory.

     --- Apostle Mary Iles,

President, Living With Integrity For Ever Ministry


"Journey of Faith"

$ 20.00 USD

Aurthor:  Dr. Dee Dee Swindell

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