Habakkuk 2:2-3

"The Vision” God showed me is that I am going to build a large church in Waldorf, Maryland that is breathtaking from the moment you walk into the lobby. The church will be multicultural; a place where the Anointing and the Power of God is present for healing and deliverance. The atmosphere is charged through the music ministry that is highly anointed so that it crosses over into different ethnic backgrounds (“ethnic” means “relating to large groups of people, classed according to common, racial, national, tribal, religious, linguistic or language, cultural origin or background”). Ephesians 4:11-16 Amp. The members of the church is to help support me in doing the work of the “Outreach Ministries”.

1. The Healing Ministry – The Lord told me that I would be an instrument that He would use in the healing process of His people. He said to me, “the blind will see, the lame will walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf will hear.” Shortly, thereafter, He gave me a dream. He told me that I was going to come in contact with a woman whose front part of her face had no eyes, no nose, and no eyebrows, only skin. On the side of her face were her eyes and her nose. The Lord said to me, “do not be afraid of her because I love her and I have heard her cry.” He said, “as I healed the leper I will heal the disfigured!” On May 6, 2008, the Lord spoke to me in the airport in Detroit, Michigan and He said to me, “today launches your healing ministry.” I was on my way to minister the Word to cancer survivors.

2. The Women’s Ministry -Teaching women how to grow in faith and be empowered through the revelation of the Word of God by way of conferences, seminars, workshops, newsletter, conference calls, and through the Internet.

3. The Nursing Facility – Care and Concern Ministry -Ministering to the needs of the elderly through the Word of God to impart encouragement and support.

4. The Worldwide Television Ministry – Reaching the masses. Years ago, I had a dream of hosting my own television show. A talk show of women who give real life stories of their faith experiences in trusting God. Also televising the “Eyes of Faith” Ministries, An Apostolic Church Int’l worship services, conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings. The Lord told me to build my “Television Studio” in December 2008. April 2009 the studio was built.

5. The Radio Ministry – To air around the country teaching God’s people how to prosper through the revelation of the Word of God.  

6. The Nations – My calling takes me into third world countries to sit on large platforms for the purpose of being used in bringing healing and deliverance to God’s people.

7.  Because We Care - Feeding and Clothing the Homeless.  Going out and blessing those in need.

8.  Men's Ministry - Keeping It Real.  Real issues, real answers to everyday problems.

9.  Street Ministry - Taking it to the streets. Ministering to those in need.

10.  Bible School -  Apostolic Training Bible School (ATBS) - Provide spiritual training and continuing education opportunities for the Five-fold Ministry Gifts, Christian Leaders, and Christian Workers, in the Body of Christ.

11.  Praise Fest - Outdoor community outreach with live music, food, fun for the entire family.  The message of Jesus Christ is preached to win souls for Christ Jesus!! 

12. Changing Point South – The purchase of this state-of-the-art facility located in Waldorf, Maryland. The Lord gave me a vision of me possessing the land and I saw a sign outside of the facility that said, “Healing Center.” This facility will be used for multiple outreaches.  One dear to my heart, a retreat center for first ladies, women pastors - women in the 5-fold ministry.  A place to get away and be refreshed, revived and refocussed for the plan of God for their lives.  The vision shall come to pass........


“Eyes of Faith” Ministries is moving Apostolically......



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I am a woman of faith, who has the ability to see through the "eyes of faith." I will no longer view my circumstances through the natural, but through the supernatural.

I am a woman of faith, who seeks the wisdom of God.

I am a woman of faith, who receives the revelation from God. The eyes of my understanding is being enlightened. And it is being revealed to me each and every day my calling to the Kingdom of God. I walk by faith and not by sight.

I am a woman of faith, who will follow the spirit of God and not my natural feelings.

I am a woman of faith, who will not allow my attitude to hinder me from being blessed by God.  My life is an example, and a snapshot for someone else to view. I know that my life is being transformed into the image of who God says I am and prosperity is on my path. I am going through the process. I'm going all the way. My mind is made up. My spirit is in agreement with heaven and earth. And the gates of hell will not prevent me from entering in because I am a woman who knows how to see through the "Eyes of Faith." Glory to God

Apostle, Dr. Dee Dee Swindell






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